Our School History

KILSBY School History

The Kilsby School Log starts in October 1872, but the National School was probably founded in 1839.  

Before this time education was provided by Dame Schools and the Church.   Fourteen children joined the school in 1876 when the school connected with the Chapel. The existence of an early Dame School in Essen Lane is certainly accepted.  In the early years of the school, children were often absent for such activities as haymaking, gleaning, potato and blackberry picking.  There are also many references to  diseases such as Scarlet Fever and Diptheria.

We have copies of some wonderful old photos taken of the children, teachers and classes from the late 1800's onwards:

(With many thanks to Miss Gill Mason of Kilsby village  a teacher at Kilsby School for many years , and the source of all these superb photos)

Kilsby School Head Teachers - History.pdf